The Store

Zach and I are very proud and pleased to have created this small family run store specialising in carefully sourced British Free Range and Rare Breed meat, using traditional cuts and methods.

About the shop

Our meat comes from small farms that specialise in only one or two breeds and so really understand how to look after and care for their animals – which makes a real difference to the quality of the meat. Also, when we say Free-range, we mean properly Free-range, as you imagine it to be, with animals out in the open and plenty of room and fresh air – we know because we visit the farms ourselves!

We get most of our meat as whole animals or primal cuts and take the time and care necessary to bring out its best. We hang and mature our beef on the bone for 28 days in our fridges. And because we get regular deliveries and start with the whole carcass, we can prepare any cut you would like – just ask in the store or call us and will take care of it for you.

All our scrumptious deli goods are from the best artisan producers we know and we stock a selection of great deli items and store cupboard essentials to help you create, cook and enjoy! If you are looking for the perfect gift for a foodie friend, or any celebration, we’ll put together a custom parcel or hamper for you.

We always have time for a chat and are more than happy to give you (detailed!) cooking advice and suggestions.

Here is a list of some of the products we have in stock to give you an idea of what to expect when you visit us:

At the Meat Counter:

  • Free-range Gloucester Old Spot and Blythburgh pork
  • Free-range grass fed or salt marsh Lamb
  • Free-range chickens – we source ours from two farms we know and have long relationships with to make sure you get old-fashioned slow-grown chickens that taste like the ones your grandmother used to cook.
  • Grass fed British beef – we speak to the farmers to find out what is best at the moment, so often our breeds differ – one day we’ll have Angus, another Hereford, etc. Speak to us and we’ll tell you about which breeds we have in at the moment – you’ll really notice the differences in taste, and we can give you advice on how to bring out the best in them.
  • Bacon and Gammon – all dry cured with no water added.
  • Sausages – we like to ring the changes, so come in and try what we have at the moment. Our Italian range is delicious and we have an extensive Gluten Free range too.

In the Deli Fridge:

  • Traditional British hams including classic Gammon and an exceptional Honey Glazed ham.
  • Pancetta, Prosciutto, Mortadella, Salamis
  • Our delicious luxury pie range including Gala pie, pork pies, steak and ale, chicken and leek, ham hock and pea and vegetarian varieties.
  • Antipasti – sun-dried tomatoes, pesto, olives – everything you need for a delectable starter
  • A changing selection of cheese – many British and  some European specialities.
  • Freshly churned English butter

And on our Shelves:

  • Free-range Hen, Duck and Quail eggs
  • Mustards, pickles, and chutneys
  • Italian pasta and sauces
  • Sauces and marinades
  • Meringues, biscuits for cheese
  • Children’s pasta and sauces – as parents ourselves we are always on the lookout for healthy snacks and treats for the little ones.

Visit us at the store and we will prepare any special cuts your menu and recipe requires.

About Us

Zach was raised on the sawdust covered floor of Mr Lamb the Butcher, where he learnt the ropes the traditional way from his dad, but you may remember him more recently running the popular butchery at Farmers City Market in Hampton Hill.

I on the other hand am a classically trained chef and  worked for local artisan producers. I have run “foodie” market stalls from Queens Park to Borough Market and look forward to bringing that experience and passion for delicious food to our high street.

Looking forward to meeting you!